When I started this floral journey in 2014 I had NO idea where it would go and that probably sounds familiar for most people when they start out. All I wanted to do was weddings from my home - super low key. But, about 2 years in I started thinking about the possibility of other avenues. I started really settling in to a style and wanted to find more ways to share that with people both in my community and away. Being as how I love to travel, I wasn’t really sold on the brick and mortar avenue just yet. I started seeing flower trucks pop up in other states and it was like a light bulb came on. Why couldn’t I do this? It was also a gateway for me to escape the corporate world which didn’t fulfill a single fiber in my body and potentially support myself while being fully invested in my business……if it worked. There was always that “IF’ and honestly it scared me so much that I would think about a truck and then push it to the side…….carrying on with my daily 9-5 grind of misery. The only time I enjoyed what I did was when I was sitting in the kitchen floor, designing.

Since meeting the most wonderful man last year, the game changed. I felt so supported mentally and emotionally that it suddenly lit a fire in me. Nobody ever believed in me the way that he does. I was driven. I went from only having 8 weddings one year to booking almost 20 for the next. I brought up the idea of a truck and he loved the concept. I searched endlessly for the perfect truck. By the grace of God, I found “the one” and although it was going to take everything I had saved up - I knew it was for me. Mike, my aunt and I drove to Nashville to get it…….leaving late one evening and sleeping in a cold van at a rest stop about 3/4 of the way there. I didn’t leave empty handed. Over the course of many months, I rebranded with an artist from Texas (Alli K designs), Bud got A/C, a new paint job, a vending window, and cozy yet functional interior.

So here is bud! Its the beginning of a new adventure. I plan on popping up at various places - restaurants, markets, boutiques, wherever and whoever will have us! Bud also serves as a great gateway for destination weddings. Yes, we travel! I cant wait to put all the miles under these tires because every mile reflects another point on this journey. The biggest thing I learned in this entire process is this :



But, it is nice to have sidekicks. I wouldn’t be where I am without the love of my boyfriend, family and friends.

A special “thank you” to Abby Frame Photography for these images that reflect a dream come true! You can find Abby on facebook, Instagram and at

Connie Nutt