Five whole years. May 31, 2019 marked F I V E years since I took this leap of faith. Technically I took it slightly before, but this date was my first wedding.

I was working a corporate job - super unhappy. I have had literally most jobs you could probably think of and even tried to run my own business at least 3 times. I get bored easy, burnt out. This decision was from no other place - just another option to try. I always had a creative niche. I decided to give floral design a try and within 1 day I signed up for a class at Halls of Atlanta. Within a week I was giving my two weeks notice.

Sarah came to me about making flower crowns for her wedding even before I took a class. I knew how to make those, no biggie. As we sat at my kitchen table making crowns for her and her bridesmaids she dropped the bomb on me, “Connie, can you do my wedding flowers?” HOLY COW - My first client! I didn’t charge her anything but cost and gave her the disclaimer that I had no idea what I was doing. By the time her wedding came, I literally would be fresh out of my course. I literally winged it.

When I took her the flowers and sat up everything - the smiles were so big! My heart literally burst from excitement and the funniest thing I remember from that day was when Sarah told the others girls, “These are so beautiful, y’all she quit her job to do flowers” - I still laugh!

Since then weddings just kept happening - it started with people I knew and has trickled into people I don’t know. Ive had ALOT of learning experiences, and even more growth. My first year I did 5 weddings, the next year I creeped up to about 12, and the year after I was over 20! This has been an amazing journey and one that has fulfilled me every step of the way.

From constructing weddings within 12 hours in my kitchen floor to building a studio with a cooler. From cramming everything into a small SUV to loading down a flower truck. I have traveled all over Georgia and have the highest hopes of seeing some new places soon. To date - I have done over 50, maybe even over 70 weddings (I don’t know why I didn’t count them before I wrote this). I have done weddings for the mom, the son, and the daughter. I seriously can’t tell you how much it means to have all of the support I have had.

For anyone considering floral design in their future, know this:

It is hard. It is exhausting. It is messy. It is pretty. It is rewarding.

You build yourself. you develop skills. you learn. you grow like a wildflower.

It is an investment. You must find your style after trying many styles. You must build a recognizable brand. You must know your worth (and charge for it)

You must believe in you.

Let me say that louder for those in the back…… YOU MUST BELIEVE IN YOU!

I cant tell you how many times I questioned what I was doing when I didn’t know how i’d pay a bill. This just happens to be the first thing that I don’t want to quit at. Any time I thought about quitting - I just found a way to keep going. That is how you know you found a passion. Believe me, I didn’t strike a gold mine in this industry and up until a few months ago - I still leaned on a part time job. Whe it’s good, it’s real good. when it’s slow, you eat a a lot of sandwiches.

So what’s next for Bloom Theory? Well I would like to think that one day you pass my store In a downtown area and stop in for flowers. Until then - lots of travel. I really want to push for destination weddings and elopements. Sure, I enjoy big weddings……but it is the small, intimate ones that steal my heart. Less production, more intimacy - which is what I feel a wedding should be. Pop up markets, festivals, fairs - I am here for it! I am genuinely looking forward to my next hundreds of weddings.

I am thankful for you taking the time to read my story and celebrate this milestone with me - It keeps me going, literally.

Stay Wild,


Connie Nutt